New Governors

Q?What are a Governors responsibilities?

You, as Governor, will find that through contact with other Clubs you can exchange many helpful hints on the operation of a Club. You are a reflection of your Club; by your actions other NCCC people form an image of your Club. You should be helpful in persuading other Corvette Clubs to join NCCC.


1. Each Governor should attend National and Regional Governors’ meetings. Currently NCCC Bylaws require attendance at a minimum or three (3) National meetings per year. Requirements may be met by sending an alternate from the Club or through proxy with the Regional Executive. A Governor is his/her Club’s link with its governing body. It is his/her responsibility to know and understand the working mechanics of the National and Regional Organization and to maintain an open and informative dialogue between each level.

2. You are responsible for all paperwork (i.e. Sanction Requests, Flyers, Event Results, signed release waivers, etc.) regarding your Club’s events, having your Club follow the Competition Rulebook and above all SAFETY.

3. Process all your Club’s Membership renewals in the time and manner specified by the Regional Membership Director (RMD).

4. Report immediately to your RMD any additions or changes to NCCC membership names and/or addresses.

5. Keep National and Regional Officers informed of any changes of your Club’s officers so that your Club will receive all correspondence from those officers.

6. Have membership forms on hand to sign up new members.

7. Present a summary of the Board of Governors’ Meeting and Regional Meeting at the monthly Club meeting.

8. Announce upcoming Sanctioned Events and encourage your Club to participate as entrants or workers.

9. Obtain answers to questions that Club members have.

10. Correspond with National and Regional Officers as necessary.

11. At the start of each year, give to their Club a short history of NCCC, the National Convention, Blue Bars, the competition program, insurance coverage and other advantages of being a member of NCCC.

12. Urge all NCCC members to buy and display NCCC items.

13. Submit articles and photos to Blue Bars on your Sanctioned Events and/or any interesting information.

14. Introduce your members to the National and Regional Officers.

For more details, consult the NCCC Handbook

Q?What is a Non-sanctioned event?

Non Sanctioned Event — An event or activity scheduled by one of the affiliated NCCC
Corvette Clubs and approved by their RCD for which no National or Regional Competition
Points are awarded. Upon approval, the RCD shall assign a Non-Sanction number to the